Translation is not machine work

Nevertheless, Accolade provides professional translations that are as streamlined as if they had just rolled off the factory belts. Thanks to our international team of translators, we always have the right person on call for every text, in which we always take the subject and relevant specialist fields into careful consideration. This means that we do not translate only general texts, but also offer medicaltechnicalfinancial and SEO translation services. Please note that the above is only a selection of everything we can do for you. We can also help you with sworn and legalised translations.

Without exception, we translate all texts into the translator’s mother tongue. In other words, your texts are meticulously translated and proofread by a native speaker who can express every concept and subtlety idiomatically in his or her native language. A text that needs to be translated into English is always translated by a translator whose native language is English. A translator will never translate a text into one of his or her foreign languages. Accolade applies this principle to all languages.

After translation, every text is reviewed by a proofreader. For this service, we call on a second translator who compares the source text with the target text and make sure that everything has been translated accurately into the target language.

By engaging to professionals for your translation project, we can always be assured of delivering high-quality translations. This, in combination with our fast, prompt service, makes us the perfect partner for all your linguistic and translation needs!


  • Idiomatic texts composed by a native speaker
  • Meticulous quality control by a second professional translator/copywriter
  • Correct and carefully composed texts for a strong image
  • Transparent and clear pricing
  • Room for consultation, questions and answers during the translation or copywriting process