Medical translations that comply with the letter of the law

In Europe, strict regulations apply to pharmaceutical and medical translations. This is why not just anyone can translate medical texts. You need a professional medical translator for this. After all, any errors in a medical context are inadmissible. Safety and certainty are of the utmost priority.

Our medical translators are familiar with medical jargon, because the terminology of each medical discipline must, of course, be translated absolutely unambiguously. Not only that, they are also aware of the laws and regulations that apply to translations like these. Thanks to our strict quality control, we can be assured that the final result satisfies all applicable standards.

Translation agency Accolade provides translations of the following medical documents:

  • Certificates
  • Inserts and package leaflets
  • Medical reports
  • Product descriptions
  • Scientific articles

Aside from pharmaceutical translations, Accolade offers a wide range of other services. We can also provide copywriting services for your marketing texts, or sworn translations. We are at your service.

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  • Idiomatic texts composed by a native speaker
  • Meticulous quality control by a second professional translator/copywriter
  • Correct and carefully composed texts for a strong image
  • Transparent and clear pricing
  • Room for consultation, questions and answers during the translation or copywriting process