The ideal partner for all your language and translation needs

Are you looking to expand your target group and simultaneously increase your turnover? This is exactly what you can achieve with good translations and copywriting. Accolade is your perfect partner to help you achieve this goal: not only can we write your texts, we can also translate them from and into all languages.

Do you need a text translated into Dutch, French, English, German – or even Arabic or Chinese? We can find the right person for every language in the world by calling upon our team of international translators, each of whom is a specialist in his or her own field of expertise. We guarantee that every text is translated into the translator’s native language, because only a native speaker understands the subtlest nuances and knows how to express these correctly in the target text. Next, a second translator will proofread the translation and check to make sure that the target text accurately reflects the source text.

Copywriting is another service we always assign to someone who is a native speaker of the language in which the text is to be written. This way, we can be assured that your text will be written by someone who is able to express him or herself idiomatically. Once written, these texts will also be proofread by a second linguist to make sure all the I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed.

If you have written a text in English or another foreign language that you would like us to take a look at, we also offer text revision services by a native speaker. We will also be happy to check any text for you that has already been translated. Experience has taught us that texts that were translated by a non-native speaker are often insufficiently idiomatic. This is why it is better to have your texts translated directly by a professional translator who was also a native speaker. Translation agency Accolade is the ideal point of contact for this.

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  • Idiomatic texts composed by a native speaker
  • Meticulous quality control by a second professional translator/copywriter
  • Correct and carefully composed texts for a strong image
  • Transparent and clear pricing
  • Room for consultation, questions and answers during the translation or copywriting process